Manuel Cervantes Estudio inserts “Punta Ixtapa” into the Mexican Coastline Design


Manuel Cervantes Estudio has completed an idyllic two-story dwelling in the coastal region of ixtapa zihuatanejo in mexico. with a site surrounded by greenery and overlooking the pacific ocean, the design maximizes existing natural elements and creates living spaces that feel both enclosed and open to the outdoors. 

Photography by Rafael Gamo

When approaching the project, Manuel Cervantes Estudio first carefully analyzed all the important factors of the site: the topography of the land, views, vegetation, cross ventilation, natural light, and orientation. from here, the architect then planned the program of the house according to how much privacy and shade each function requires.  

The final house is carefully inserted into the land and balances openness to the outdoors with privacy from neighboring residences. the first floor provides the main feature of the design: a large open plan social space that extends out towards the horizon. this floor contains a generous dining table, a palatial seating area, a smaller sunken seating area, and a lush pool. a pergola made from timber and metal covers this space, providing welcome shade from the hot sun and a sense of enclosure while still maintaining those incredible views of the pacific.   

The materiality of punta ixtapa was selected to have a congruence with this area of the mexican pacific. materials such as tepeaca marble, wood, parota, and stone from the region have all been utilized. the house also exposes the structure, rather than hiding it, resulting in an honest architectural expression that interacts with the environment.

Juan Carlos Cano talks about the architecture of Manuel Cervantes: ‘the order and the rigor in the constructive process, the modulation, the use of suitable materials for each work, the adaptation to the topography or to the specific urban circumstances. the use of wood and vegetation, the topographical adaptation to the landscape, become the starting points for the design exercise.’

Project info:

Project name: Punta Ixtapa

Location: ixtapa zihuatanejo, mexico

Architecture firm: manuel cervantes estudio

Photography: Rafael Gamo

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