The Caribbean Series didn’t work out for Mazatlan’s Aquarium’s craft vendors


The sports fair attracted very little foreign tourism due to the pandemic and this week almost no charter tourism arrived

Mazatlán, Sin.- The realization of an international event in the port such as the Caribbean Series, always represents a great opportunity in sales rebound for those who dedicate themselves to tourism; However, this edition was very different from what was expected due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sellers of handicrafts of the Aquarium noted that the sporting event attracted very little foreign tourism, though largely was by health restrictions worldwide and although the national visitor is that brings out this year did not increase the harvest, because very few charter buses were seen in the parking lot this day.

María says that now what remains is to wait for Easter and for the beaches not to close.

Sales are very low, the Caribbean Series did not work here, here the national people look more than anything, foreign tourism hardly, but it is difficult, it is the weekend and it is quiet.


Don Martín mentions that there is a lot of unfair competition, foreign merchants who occasionally come to work and are the ones who take the least part.

The truth is that the event did not represent an upturn in sales, many of us invested in jackets and caps and they all stayed. Of the days that we come, about three, we have not

sold anything and the rent here is expensive.

Don Martin

The beach vendors are in the same situation, Mrs. Susana, who sells bracelets and makes braids, says that this week she only walked in the sun without selling anything.

There is no work, nothing, the few tourists who come do not want to consume, they come very tight with money, the beach looks good alone, one gets tired of walking in the sun and just doesn’t sell anything.


Giovanni expresses that during the week there were very little sales, but how he sees the panorama and the beaches alone there are not good expectations.

It is calm, last weekend it was the same, and during the week there were not many sales, the beach was alone, people go to the stadium. There are more people when you play soccer.



The Mazatlan Post