After a month, they ‘repair’ Mazatlan surveillance cameras destroyed on New Years


On New Year’s Eve 150 video surveillance cameras were damaged throughout Sinaloa

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The surveillance cameras that were damaged during the New Year festivities are already being repaired.

Today some people were observed checking the security cameras which are located at the intersection of Río Grijalva avenue and the Mexican Army, at the height of the Insurgentes neighborhood.

Some of the security cameras that were shot in the city of Mazatlán are located on Múnich Avenue, corner with Luis Donaldo Colosio Bypass, another of them on Manuel J. Clouthier Avenue, corner with Mutualismo, in the Lomas del Ébano neighborhood.

 camaras de mazatlan

On New Year’s Eve, 150 surveillance cameras were damaged throughout Sinaloa, but only 15 of them have damage insurance.


The Mazatlan Post