Mazatlan street vendors are the most penalized for working without permission


There were 60 administrative acts that were drawn up last weekend and of those, the vast majority were for this type of vendor who ventured to work without authorization

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – It is street vendors who take most of the infractions for working without permission, acknowledged the Mayor of the City Council, Javier Lira González.

“Last weekend almost 60 minutes were drawn up, the majority were for street vendors who accumulated around the stadium and were penalized because most of them are working without permission,” he admitted.

He said that of the total number of sanctions, 19 clubs and bars were applied.

The local official said that the biggest problem they have faced with the realization of the Caribbean Series is the proliferation of vendors in the garages of the houses that are located around the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium, however, they cannot be sanctioned because they are private property.

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Lira González, reported that during the week there were two business suspensions for not respecting the capacity and presenting agglomeration.

With regard to political propaganda now that the electoral campaigns are approaching, he explained that they are the ones that issue the criteria and on that they will adhere to control visual pollution.

“We take care of our part that they do not invade without permission, but in those times the electoral authorities give authorization and the parties would have to adhere to that,” he said.


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