Los Cabos registers a 90% drop in international passengers


Francisco Villaseñor revealed that one day last week due to the requirement for covid tests, about 600 passengers were received from an airline when in the high season in other years the average arrival was 6 thousand passengers 

Los Cabos has registered a decrease in international passengers of 40 percent compared to the previous year and this is measured in two aspects, in the number of flights that are arriving and in terms of the number of passengers, while in terms of the number of operations, Each time the number of flights that was had in the past months in 2020 and 20219 is getting closer, that part has been recovering very quickly.

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This was reported by the administrator of the Los Cabos International Airport, Francisco Villaseñor Reyes, who said that where there is still a very important lag in the international segment, is in the matter of passengers.

“Flights arrive but with a very low load factor depending on the airline, we speak of 40 or 60%, the last week we are detecting an additional drop between 20 or 30 percent in the flow of international passengers according to what the airlines report to us, ”he stressed.

He cited that in this first week of the covid test application to passengers from the United States and Canada, the decline in passenger movement has been much more felt and the worst day was when they received about 600 passengers from an airline, when in season-high, the average is 6 thousand passengers, that is, a 90 percent drop; thus the level of difference between a normal year and this year with the impact of Covid-19 and the mandatory nature of covid tests, he highlighted.

Regarding the outlook for this situation to improve, he stressed that there is no date, it depends on the restrictions that the countries themselves may put to enter, it depends on the vaccination process, the United States market, the faster the vaccination process, the more recovery will be fast, but it depends on it and the processes that are being incorporated.

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Nowadays the main test that the destination has is to solve the covid tests and to the extent that all the facilities are given to tourists with quality, that competitive advantage and that ease will be given to passengers who still decide travel and may have an additional option to take the quick test and be able to return to their country.

This drop in the movement of international passengers is basically associated with the new requirement of the United States, which is an adaptation process, there is a very aggressive program for the vaccination process of the neighboring country between this and all the efforts that the tourism sector is making, we hope in a short time we can change perspective and have increased passenger flow.

Source: tribunadeloscabos.com.mx

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