CDMX government removes tents from Frena and closes access to the Zócalo


Around 150 tents of the sit-in against President López Obrador were taken down; the Secretary of Government indicates that they were empty.

On Friday night, around 150 tents were removed from the sit-in set up by the Anti-AMLO National Front, later identified as Campamento México, in the Zócalo of Mexico City.

Gobierno de la CDMX retira del Zócalo casas de campaña vacías de FRENA -  José Cárdenas

According to the Government Secretariat (Secgob), only the empty tents were removed and no person was removed from the place.

“With the purpose of guaranteeing sanitary measures and preventing infections by Coronavirus (Covid-19), as well as avoiding the stay of people in the street or possible conflicts within the camp.

Gobierno de la CDMX retira casas de campaña de Frena y cierra accesos al  Zócalo

“Before these actions, members of the Mexico Camp responded violently with fire extinguishers, tear gas, and sticks against the workers of Urban Services. However, the capital’s government personnel did not fall into provocations and there was no need for the intervention of the elements of the SSC ”, indicated the Secgob in an information card.

Videos] Retiran del Zócalo 150 casas de campaña vacías del plantón opositor  a AMLO (nota de SinEmbargo)

Since September, Frena set up a camp on the plateau of the Zócalo to demand the resignation of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

During the retreat, a notary was present to certify the empty tents as well as representatives of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City (CDHCM), Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), Secretariat of Health, Secretariat of Urban Works and Services, and the Undersecretariat for Mayor’s Programs.

After the operation, access to the Zócalo was closed by police officers from the Secretariat of Citizen Security, who with metal fences only allow the passage of people who prove they live or work in the area at the time, denying the passage even to merchants, according to reported the Reforma newspaper.

Retiran casas de campaña del Zócalo | NTR Guadalajara

There are only a few tents in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral with around 15 people; Demonstrators from Tabasco who were protesting the November floods that left at least 300,000 victims were also removed from the Zócalo.

Despite the operation, some tents remained in the place. From the Mexico Web Cams account you can follow the live signal of how a small installation is maintained.


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