Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro announces new isolation measures


Jalisco, Mexico – On Friday, January 15th, Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez announced that, given the rise in Covid-19 infections, new social isolation measures that apply to all municipalities of Jalisco will go into effect today, Saturday, January 16, and remain in place until Sunday, January 31.

He clarified that despite the fact that the entity is at maximum risk, Jalisco maintains low levels in rates per 100,000 inhabitants of accumulated cases, mortality, and active cases. Therefore, economic activity will not stop, but public spaces are closed and social activities are restricted. In addition, the Governor made a special call to people over 60 years of age, asking them to stay at home.

Under these new measures, businesses and commercial activities will be able to operate normally, with the exception of public service offices, corporate offices, professional services and other face-to-face work activities that can be performed virtually. Activities that generate large groups of people, such as tours and recreational activities, are also closed. In addition, there will be no return to face-to-face classes until further notice.

This time, the State of Jalisco has not offered any exemptions to Puerto Vallarta as has been done with past restrictions. The beaches of Jalisco are only open from 5:00 am to 3:00 pm, while parks and municipal public spaces are closed in their entirety.

The new health measures that the State has mandated from January 16 to January 31, are as follows:

Activities allowed
• Health sector
• Basic public services
• Private security
• Energy, fuels, and distribution
• Banking, insurance, and notaries
• Industry and its logistical operations
• Hotels, but common areas are closed
• Public markets and neighborhood commerce
• Public transportation

Activities NOT allowed
• All corporate offices and professional services
• Government offices, with the exception of windows for customer service
• Bars, clubs, and social events rooms (including open-air venues)
• Parks
• Zoos and Aquariums
• Gyms and sports clubs
• Cultural and entertainment activities
• Tours and recreational activities
• Cinemas, theaters and museums
• Leisure activities and casinos

Activities with partial restriction
• Convenience, grocery, and department stores (1 person per family – no elderly or children)
• Commercial plazas for shopping only, common areas restricted and parking limited to 25%
• Restaurants at 50% capacity until 10:00 pm
• Tianguis and shopping centers (1 person per family – no elderly or children)
• Churches and places of worship remain open, but without celebrations

Restricted social activities
• Social events
• Family meetings
• All parks, plazas and municipal public spaces are closed

The municipal authorities will be responsible for enforcing the aforementioned health security measures. Alfaro acknowledged that the measures implemented for the end of the year and early January “had limited results,” and requested the cooperation of the people in compliance of these new measures.

He pointed out that the hospital system is under “enormous pressure,” but clarified that “it is not overwhelmed, we have room for maneuver.” He reported that the level of occupation in Jalisco hospitals is at 58.1%, adding that the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area is the region with the highest demand.

Sources: jalisco.gob.mx | Banderas News

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