Guanajuato’s Marfil and Las Teresas, in the “top ten” with the most active cases of covid-19


The Marfil neighborhood entered the first places with the most active cases of coronavirus in the city of Guanajuato; it ranked second with 18 patients, said Daniel Díaz Martínez, secretary of Health, in his press conference on Friday night. 

In the first place, as since November, the center remains, with 36. In third place is the populous Las Teresas neighborhood, with 7 cases. 

It is followed by El Carrizo and Villas de Guanajuato, with 5 cases each. 

El Cerro de Los Leones, Pastita, Santa Teresa and Yerbabuena each have 4 patients.

El Manantial, which in November was in the first places of contagion, already passed to the tenth place and until Friday, it only had one active case.

In total, there were 90 active cases in the municipality until that day. 

Centers in León, Celaya and Irapuato, with more cases

In León, Celaya, and Irapuato, the city centers are the areas that continue to have the most active cases of Covid-19, as in recent months. 

In León, the same colonies that for months have been the ones with the highest numbers of patients: San Miguel and El Coecillo 

Asked about the measures and sanctions to avoid crowds in cities, the Secretary reiterated that the Municipal Presidencies are responsible for applying both.

“When they ask me if we are going to be more severe in the sanctions, those who have the authority are the City Councils, the City Councils are the only ones who have the powers, they are health authorities, in accordance with the Municipal Organic Law.

“Be very careful with what is happening in the flea markets, that permits are not given for dances, jaripeos, cockfights. And we also ask you to regulate public transport

“I am not washing my hands and leaving this responsibility to them, it is a responsibility shared with restaurateurs, authorities and businessmen,” he said. 

Well, he warned that the coronavirus pandemic will not end soon, despite the vaccines: “This is going to be long, this is going to be long, 2021 still looks long. There are more newspaper articles than vaccines ”, he warned.

Colonies with more active cases: 


SuburbNumber of cases
San Miguel74
Leon II51
ObregonFour. Five
Leon I41
Villas of San Juan33
May 1032


SuburbNumber of cases
The Oliveseleven
Latin American7
Technological Residential7
San Juanico7
Emiliano Zapata6
The quarry4


SuburbNumber of cases
Villas of Irapuato59
Benito Juarez39
Floresta3. 4
Corner of the Arches31
New Mexico17


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