Five interesting facts you did not know about Campeche


These are the most interesting facts about the history and population of the state of Campeche.

Campeche is a state of the Yucatan peninsula recognized for its traditions and the culture of its people, since its founding in 1540 it has been characterized by a great variety of interesting data and historical changes that have framed the identity of the state.

The history of the state includes interesting data, such as the struggle of the caciques before the Spanish conquest and the evolution of the municipalities and their people, so these are the 5 data that perhaps you did not know about the state of Campeche.

The two borders of Campeche.

Due to its geographical location, Campeche is the only state in the Republic that borders two nations, between Belize and Guatemala, considering that the Palizada River is also within the internal borders with Tabasco.

According to the population records of Mexico, Campeche is the third least populated state, with Colima and Baja California Sur occupying the first places.

In the data of the Executive Power of the State, there is a record of 899,931 inhabitants, where 49% are Men and 51% are Women.

Post offices.

Campeche is the state with the largest number of post offices in the country, as it was one of the most traditional activities at the time of the colonization with Yucatán.

Capital of Yucatan.

In the year 1826, Yucatán and Campeche faced an internal conflict over the division of the states and the capital of Yucatán, so the inhabitants sought to mark the territorial division.

The popular name of the city.

The Campechanos proudly claim the identity of their land, since they refer to the name of the state three times in their geographic information.

The town is San Francisco de Campeche, the municipality is Campeche, and the state, whih carries of course the same name, Campeche.


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