Residents of Chiapas tie-up Mayor to a tree for delivering poor quality work (video)


The residents accuse Mayor Óscar Ramírez of delivering a drinking water tank that did not meet the quality required for its operation.

The mayor of Frontera Comalapa, Oscar Ramírez Aguilar, was tied up by residents of organized neighborhoods after delivering poor-quality work.

Residents of 11 neighborhoods in the municipality of Frontera Comalapa were unhappy with a building that was not safe for use

The community members realized that the delivery of a drinking water tank did not meet the quality required for its operation, so they got upset with the mayor, demanding that the tank be fixed.

Óscar Ramírez was detained by the people during a tour and later he was taken to the place to answer for the poor quality work, where he was tied by the hands to a tree.

At the moment it is unknown if he is still being held or was released.


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