Mazatlan inhabitants of Cerro del Vigía fear landslides due to new condo construction


They indicated that they fear a possible landslide in the area, which would severely affect them

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Annoyed by the construction of a condominium building at the foot of the Cerro del Vigía, residents of the place will seek to protect themselves against the work, all with the purpose of avoiding latent risks such as landslides, said the president from the Colonos del Cerro Association, Miguel Villa.

cerro vigia construction

He assured that building work in this place, coupled with the instability of the hill, would only increase the possibility of causing serious damage to both their homes and the hill itself.

He stressed that at no time were the residents of the place taken into consideration, prior to the work.

“It is a protection that we will go to as a resource so that a term is reached, and that it is the authority that defines these matters. We as an association of settlers see in this situation that they did not take into account the neighbors, nor the association, in order to take the opinion of us, and especially the neighboring neighbors, ”he said.

The President assured that the danger is evident in the area, which already has cracks, which makes it potentially dangerous, despite the permits that the construction managers ensure that they already have.

cerro vigia construction

“We are concerned, the concern is constant because the risk is latent there, they tore apart stone, they tore apart a stone hill, that although they assure and say that they have all the elements of land use, that there is no problem, that they will continue because the risk is latent. It is enough to see that there are cracks in that piece ”, he added.

Miguel Villa pointed out that they will remain firm in the fight until the resolution of the amparo is obtained.

Although the machinery had already been removed from the site, this Wednesday it again returned to the excavation site.


The Mazatlan Post