Doctor criticized for partying in Puerto Vallarta after receiving vaccine


In the images that circulate on social networks, it is presumed that the ophthalmologist traveled to Puerto Vallarta, although the date of publication of the photos is not clarified.

The ophthalmologist Alejandro Silva, one of the first doctors to receive the Covid-19 vaccine in Mexico City, was harshly criticized over the weekend after some photographs were circulated on social networks in which he is presumably partying on a beach.

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Users of social networks viralized the images where a group of young people are observed having fun, including the doctor, in a very relaxed attitude, without any preventive measure of healthy distance, or the use of face masks to prevent a possible contagion.

Although the images do not have an original publication date, users assumed that the ophthalmologist went to the beach to party in the middle of the pandemic and after receiving the vaccine despite not being front-line personnel in Covid patient care.

The case of Dr. Alejandro Silva caused criticism among users of social networks because his specialty is not part of the specialists who form the first front of care for coronavirus patients such as resident doctors, emergency physicians or nurses and caretakers.

On December 30, the doctor offered an interview on a radio station in which he revealed that although he is not in the first line of care, if he treats Covid-19 patients, he cares for elderly people with diseases chronic that unknowingly have the virus and have tested positive.

In addition, he assured that he did not skip any protocol, because a few weeks ago, prior to the arrival of the vaccine, his health authorities consulted all the personnel about who wanted to apply the first dose and this call was open to all personnel, including the administration.

“Yes I am in contact with Covid-19 patients, the bulk of my patients are over 50 and 60 years old, there are patients who may be asymptomatic, an examination involves 10 or 15 centimeters from the patient’s face,” he said before the criticism received by receiving the vaccine.

And I add:

“A few weeks ago they asked who was willing to get the vaccine, they made a list with all the data and hospital personnel, including non-doctors, quartermaster, everyone who works in the hospital that is full of covid … I made my I lined up and got trained, handed in my card, followed the protocols … it was for everyone, residents, doctors with subspecialties, civilians, not myriads, we were all given an opportunity in the hospital … I did not skip protocols ”.

Alex Silva, as he is known on social networks, works at the Central Military Hospital in Mexico City and assured that since the pandemic began he has only made one trip, although the controversy of the recent photos arose this weekend and it is unknown if they are recent events or the departure you referred to in the interview.


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