Cultural Tourism Project to be reactivated in Izamal, Yucatan


At this start of the year and in the midst of the economic reactivation process in Yucatán, the magic town of Izamal raises its hand with a proposal to resume the Tourism and Cultural Development Plan to position the First Magic Town of Mexico as a first-rate destination for national tourism and international.

The Plan is made up of four projects: reactivate the Magical Voices Choir, create the Izamal Children’s Symphony Orchestra, organize an international event each year in the atrium of the Franciscan Convent, and establish the Zamná Foundation, in order to formalize and guarantee the permanence of these projects, with the management of public and private resources.

The presentation of this proposal was held at the Zamná restaurant in Izamal, within the framework of an event organized by Grupo Izamal and the Asociación Civil Kunts & Arts Yucatán, in the presence of a group of guests and an audition offered by the Quintet Clásico Yucatán, along with prominent musicians and guest artists.

The soprano Mariana Palma and the dancer Montserrat Castellanos participated in this art exhibition, as well as outstanding musicians.

The audition was, in fact, a taste of the “New Year’s Concert in Izamal, The City of the Three Cultures”, which will be recorded in various locations in the city and in the Capilla de Indios, in Pixilá, which will give rise to the first video to promote Pueblo Mágico, sponsored by Grupo Izamal, directed by Wílliam Sosa Altamira, with the support of maestro José Luis Chan Sabido, general director of the Viena Music & Art Academy Yucatán and president of Kunts & Music Yucatán, AC

Later on, the details of this concert will be announced, directed by maestro Chan Sabido, which will be broadcast for free on social networks.

Among those invited to the presentation of the proposal to resume the Tourism and Cultural Development Plan of Izamal were Jorge Escalante Bolio, president of Premium Yucatán; Sergio Chan Lugo, director of Japay; Yucatecan businessman Liborio Vidal Aguilar, and the Congressman Jesús Vidal Peniche.

Also known cultural promoters of the municipality, such as Carlos Castillo, theater professor, and Yadira Medina, artistic education professor, along with Renata Saraí González Loría, Mini Universo México, who will represent our country in the Mini Miss Universe 2021 contest, which will take place in Cartagena, Colombia, in June of this year.

“Without culture, there is no tourism and there is no development. For that reason, we are determined to promote culture in Izamal and resume this Plan that did not have the proper continuity, because it is time to reactivate and re-position our Magical Town as a destination with a life of its own ”, said former mayor Sosa Altamira.

“We will gladly support these projects and you can be sure of something, we guarantee that it will be a success; we will do it for Izamal and for Yucatán ”, concluded Maestro Chan Sabido.

Source: YA

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