Nissan pays tribute to Oaxaca and Tsuru with an Alebrije model


The automaker assured that this fusion is a tribute to this model that has been highly valued by Oaxacans, in addition to bringing together characteristics such as savings, space, and daily work.

Oaxaca de Juárez. — As a way to merge an emblem for a well-known Japanese car brand and a symbol of identity for the original peoples of Oaxaca, a Nissan dealership in the state “tuned” a car with the characteristic motifs that decorate the Alebrijes.

It is a Nissan Tsuru, considered a great emblem for the brand for 30 years that stopped to be produced in Mexico in 2017, was decorated by Oaxacan artisans at the request of Grupo López Mendieta.

The concessionaire assured that this fusion is a tribute to this model that has been highly valued by Oaxacans because bring together characteristics such as savings, space, and daily work, “it carries more than that, unforgettable memories, anecdotes and moments that they will always have a story within a person or a family, which turned lives into moments of happiness, ”says the car dealer.

He also explains that in 2021 they decided to pay tribute to this “great vehicle”, which belongs to the latest edition of Tsuru, called “Good Trip” and that represents an Alebrije, figures carved in wood originating from Zapotec communities of the Central Valleys such as San Martín Tilcajete and Arrazola.

Los alebrijes de San Martín Tilcajete en Oaxaca. Ruta de Artesanías -

“It was completely hand-painted by Oaxacan artisans representing an” alebrije “, a type of handicraft native to Mexico, also called Nahuatkzosquit. These are handicrafts that are painted with mostly cheerful and vibrant colors where the culture of the state of Oaxaca is projected on this model along with the love for this car, ”Nissan Oaxaca published on its Facebook page.

Along with an announcement to its followers asking them to prepare to learn more about this tribute that was made to the Nissan Tsuru “Alebrije”, the brand shared images of the vehicle posing in iconic places in the Historic Center of the capital of Oaxaca, such as Centro Cultural Santo Domingo.

In social networks, the images have unleashed all kinds of reactions and proposals have been launched such as that all the taxis in the city are “tuned” with this style.

Artesanos oaxaqueños transforman camioneta de Mercedes-Benz en alebrije

Last September, the Mercedes Benz brand also presented a luxury off-road truck that was mixed with the Zapotec motifs of the alebrijes, by artisans from one of the most emblematic workshops in Tilcajete.


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