Nayarit on the verge of red covid light; Governor does not want to shut down the economy


This weekend the governor of Nayarit, Antonio Echevarría García, was in Bahía de Banderas, warned that the cases of Coronavirus in the entity have risen to record numbers, however, he announced that he does not want to close the economy or tourist activities.

Antonio Echevarría

After wishing the people of Bahia a happy year, he asked them to continue taking care of the pandemic, with healthy distance, use of face masks, antibacterial gel, wash their hands and avoid leaving home if necessary: 

“This is not over yet, it is even stronger than ever, now in Nayarit we have a record, yesterday almost 70 were contaminated, obvious from the meetings that took place at Christmas,” he stressed.

“We are going to continue working, breaking stone, we have a President of the Republic who loves the people of Nayarit very much.”


Concerned about the panorama of the pandemic, he addressed a message to the tourism sector, putting first that he is also a businessman, he said he was concerned about the situation of the health contingency. 

“I have talked with them, I have told them that we must carry our protocols as they should be, I no longer want to close the economy or anything like that, but after a while, we are going to have two problems; what are the pandemic and the economic problem ”, he pondered.

Echeverría García emphasized that keeping the productive sector open is a great support.

“But they must do their part. The federal, state, and municipal governments have already taken it upon themselves to say what the pandemic is about and how we should protect ourselves ”.

“I tell the businessmen to follow their protocols, so as not to make a strong decision, to hurt the economy again, we are at an orange traffic light, almost a little jump from being a red traffic light and it would be a shame.”


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