Regional Hospital of Puerto Vallarta at 100 percent occupation


The Regional Hospital of Puerto Vallarta of the Ministry of Health is at 100 percent occupation of general beds. Within the last few days, the number of patients has doubled, being only 49 percent occupied on Thursday.

Beds with ventilators available reached 60 percent occupancy, and the General Hospital of Zone 42 of the IMSS is at 14 percent, according to the latest report from the RED Information System, IRAG of the Federal Government.

The biggest risk is that patients will not be able to be transferred to the network of hospitals in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area because they are currently at 100 percent, or nearing compacity.

Doctors from Puerto Vallarta report that they are analyzing adapting hospital facilities in the region to handle additional COVID-19 patients, and they are being prepared for a possible rebound in cases after dozens of large New Year’s Eve parties took place in Puerto Vallarta despite current restriction.

Regional Hospital of Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta this weekend there was a surplus of tourists who avoided following sanitary measures, there were parties in private spaces and in some public spaces despite the measures focused to prevent infections in the municipality.

City officials did not intervene or sanction any of the party hosts or businesses that didn’t comply with State orders.

Source: PVDN

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