How many cenotes are there in Yucatan?


Get to know the great variety of cenotes in Yucatán, the main tourist attraction in the state.

The cenotes are one of the main tourist attractions in the Yucatan Peninsula, there are caves and tours allow you to know the crystal clear waters and the nature of the cenotes, however, it is important to know the exact number of cenotes there are to visit in Yucatan

In the last registry of the Secretariat for Sustainable Development, 3,021 cenotes were reported, according to the database 2,675 are considered open cenotes, which have crystalline water outside

In the same way, there are 346 cenotes classified as caves, which according to the surface and location, the crystalline waters are below the earth, so access is usually more difficult.

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In Yucatan, there are tourist sites that offer tours between caves, combining and the fresh natural water sites.

In addition to the caves and open cenotes, there is the Ring of Cenotes Geohydrological State Reserve, a surface that encompasses the traditional “route of the cenotes”, characterized by the connectivity of the waters and the proximity between each one of them.

The places that are included in the cenote route are Seyé, Acanceh, Timucuy, Homún, Cuzamá, Tecoh, Tekit, Tahmek, Hoctún, Xocchel, Hocabá, Sanahcat and Huhí.

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Map of Cenotes in Yucatan

With information from the Yucatán Secretariat for Sustainable Development.


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