LGBT community is not taken into account by political parties in Tabasco


Members of this community are ignored by the PRI, PRD, and Morena among others to be their candidates in the next electoral process both at the federal and local level, accuses Tudisex.

José Cruz Guzmán, president of the Civil Association Todos Unidos por la Diversidad Sexual (Tudisex), denounced that even though the federal and state electoral process is already underway, so far the LGBT community has not been taken into account by any political party to participate in the next electoral process in 2021 as candidates for a popularly elected position.

He indicated that for example, in Tabasco, the PRD and Morena do not turn to see them, even when they have a Secretariat or Directorate of Sexual Diversity, but it seems that they created them only because they have to comply with the requirement of their electoral platform to a national level in their political institutions.

“And it is no longer said of the PRI, the Movimiento Ciudadano, the Red social Progresista, or the other parties that are emerging with these new elections because they have not taken them into account either,” he said.

Cruz Guzmán stressed that they also have the right to participate and that they hope they will not only use them as a “political topic” to win votes and, therefore, they call on the different political parties to evaluate them and take the LGBT community into account.

He indicated that the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) have done a great job in favor of organized civil society as they pay taxes and create jobs, but it seems that political parties have other interests.

“We must have an active participation in the political task and that is why they have to turn to us to see the social leaders that are in the state to also be able to occupy a position of popular election such as presiding over a Municipal Council, a local or federal deputation”, he stressed.

It should be noted that for many years organizations such as Tudisex have been pushing the Congress of Tabasco to approve Same-Sex Marriage and the Adoption of Minors, however, the various initiatives that have been presented are still in the “freezer”.

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