Iraís López Ortega, an immigrant woman from Oaxaca that succeeds in California


The story of Iraís López Ortega could be told from her place of origin in Huajuapan de León, in the Mixtec region of Oaxaca.

California, USA.- She did not always have the right to vote and is now a Napa Valley councilor.

Iraís studied medical assistance and has experience in caring for the elderly. From her arrival in California, Iraís was involved in the decisions of her community until she became a councilor in Calistoga, where she spent eight years.

“Since my arrival in this country, I have always taken advantage of the opportunities for improvement that this nation offers, one of my greatest motivations is my family and the desire to help other migrants like me,” she said.

Iraís obtained citizenship in 2010 and three years later she held her first popularly elected position.

In 2020, she was elected as a member of the Calistoga City Council, becoming the only woman of Latino origin to hold this position. Among her proposals, she highlighted the support for women, migrants, and the LGBTQ + community.


The Oaxaca Post