CINAM warns that the loss of species will be recurrent … in the face of climate change in Tabasco


The floods in Tabasco and its effects, CIMAN points out.

After the historical rains that caused floods in Tabasco in 2020, the president of the College of Civil Engineers of Mexico (CINAM), José Antonio Serna Murillo, pointed out that this situation is part of the effects of climate change.

Although he considered that the most serious problem will be experienced in about 30 or 40 years, he said that right now they are the first warning messages, after remembering that the forecasts for 2020 pointed out that it would be one of the driest, however, it was the opposite in recent months.

“Nowadays, the topic and the phrase climate change are in fashion however, we are not fully aware of the real situation, neither for society nor for the authorities, that what we are experiencing is an effect of climate change. I think there has been a lack of balance between the authorities and society today needs to know.”

The environmental expert stressed that a very particular change that few people have noticed is that the sardine show in the Laguna de las Ilusiones was lost due to the increase of one-degree celsius in the water temperature.

“I’m going to give you an example that happens here in Villahermosa, and that very few people have realized about climate change, I remember that 20 years ago or more, you were walking through the Laguna de las Ilusiones, and you saw the sardine jump, and it was a wonderful sight because you saw a group of herons approaching. It seems that the water temperature increased by one-degree centigrade; that is an indicator of how climate change is beginning to affect us, “he said.

Serna Murillo added that one of the very common effects of climate change is the loss of species, which causes other problems, including the possible loss of half of the Tabasco territory, as specialists have warned.

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“Loss of species, which is already taking place, remember that we live in a balance, and each species has a function, and each one of them, as they are lost, will generate an imbalance that will accentuate other types of problems, the issue of floods, the issue of drought. Climate change experts make simulations of catastrophic things that could happen, including the loss of a large part of Tabasco territory, “he warned.

During his participation in the program “El Aguacero”, led by deputy Jessyca Mayo Aparicio, the environmentalist stressed that awareness and education are essential to mitigate climate change a bit.


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