Mexicans ask for tighter southern border security


The migration will no longer take place in massive exoduses, daily they cross the border in small groups, which is known as “ant” migration.

Residents of the Suchiate municipality ask the authorities that the operations against migrants be permanent since they only reinforce security in this municipality on the border with Guatemala when the arrival of a caravan is announced.

They pointed out that right now that the Suchiate river dropped its level by 60 percent and the lack of vigilance from the National Guard, Migration, as well as the federal police, many migrants are taking advantage of the opportunity to pass to the Mexican side on foot and in operation ant.

Javier Ovilla Estrada, president of the central neighborhood of this municipality, said that the authorities only arrive and carry out operations with the caravans, but the migrants pass every day of the year, especially now that the river is low. “When the caravans come, the authorities carry out operations in the center of town, reviewing the papers of all the people and the truth is that I believe that this work should be done all year round since migration does not stop, not even with the Covid-19,” he said.

He indicated that most of the people in town are afraid because many of the foreigners travel without mouth covers and it is not known if they are infected with this virus. Imelda Estrada García, a merchant, pointed out that the migration continues to arrive in this municipality since the migrants continue to arrive at her food stall in the center of town without any problems.

“The authorities only come and seal the southern border for the caravans. Every day of the year Cubans, Haitians, Africans, and Central Americans cross the border on foot. The migrants have already learned that migration should not be in massive exodus because they will be detained by the Mexican and Guatemalan authorities as had happened with the last caravans that have tried to reach Mexico.

She stressed that in dry times the river that divides Mexico with Guatemala is below its level and is used by foreigners to walk, mainly Central Americans. “The security operations should not be only on the banks of the river, but throughout the municipality to try to stop the insecurity that exists in this municipality on the border with Guatemala,” she concluded.


San Cristobal Post