Colombian entrepreneurs are interested in investing in Mazatlan


Colombian businessmen are interested in investing in Mazatlán in a factory of pre-manufactured houses, informed the director of Planning, Jorge Estavillo Kelly.

He said that this project would be located in the area where the thermoelectric plant is located and they are already seeing the viability of the location and the project.

“These people I attended two weeks ago, they are interested in the port because they see a good disposition on the part of the authority in which things are given, and the instruction from the municipal president, the chemist Benítez is to help them to give the developments, attached to the regulations, which is the most important thing, “said the municipal official.

Estavillo Kelly explained that the investment of these Colombians is to build a factory that is dedicated to making puzzle-type houses, where they do the project, then the cutting and they go to build the house, an express type that resists all kinds of climate and it is new, where it is already taking place in different parts of the world.

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The municipal Planning director stressed that this project had not reached Mexico and the port will be the first city to receive it, since they are interested in positioning themselves here for the projects that come to Mazatlán, such as the aerospace plant and the USMCA.

He said that Colombians approached to see the feasibility of using the land of the property they intend to buy and see the municipal availability for this project to be viable and they are already being advised to move forward.


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