How much does it cost to live in Chetumal, the next Free Zone of Quintana Roo?


Chetumal will shortly be a Free Zone. For those who want to move to the city, they should know the expenses they will have in it.

Chetumal will become on January 1, 2021, a Free Zone by the presidential decree issued by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which could mean an investment opportunity and source of job creation that could bring foreign labor.

However, before thinking about emigrating to Chetumal for the possibility of finding a job, there are some aspects that you should know about daily life and its cost.

A furnished apartment of 40 m2, in the Central Zone, has a cost between 4,500 and 6,000 pesos, depending on the type of amenities it has and the price is not directly related to the space and dimensions of the same.

However, in some recently created neighborhoods such as Flamingos, Bicentenario and Las Américas, houses can be obtained for rent, which has the same space of square meters as the apartments, but for amounts close to 2,000 pesos; the disadvantage is that they are neighborhoods close to the Garbage Dump.

In Chetumal, the main option to get around is the taxi and the collective service, because the City Council has not yet granted concessions for public buses.

The highest taxi fare is 50 pesos when the service is provided during the early morning hours, although during the day, the average cost is 25 pesos, depending on the distance.

The collective transport service is 8 pesos, which is provided through combis that depart from the Manuel Altamirano market to the different neighborhoods.

The price of food in Chetumal is relatively low since you can find dishes from 75 pesos, in economic kitchens and 120 in restaurants.

Due to its quality as Capital of Quintana Roo, it concentrates the three government powers, whose headquarters are located on the Boulevard Bahía, in the first square of the city.

Due to this situation, an important part of the population works and depends on the state public administration.

The metropolitan area of ​​Chetumal is Calderita known for its gastronomy and located 13 kilometers away from the border with Belize in the community of Subteniente López.

Chetumal has the only airport in the South Zone of Quintana Roo, in which 3 airlines currently operate.

In the most recent census carried out by INEGI in 2010, its population is 151,000 inhabitants.


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