Consumption and export of Chiapas organic coffee increase


Europe and the United States are the countries that buy more organic coffee from Chiapas due to its proven quality and excellent taste.

Organic coffee producers from Soconusco and the Chiapas mountains announced that they increased the export to Europe and the United States of this 100 percent pure product and free of agrochemicals. They detailed that this year despite the health contingency they managed to export 920 tons of the aromatic grain to the mentioned countries and that consumption each year increases from 5 to 6 percent per year.

In this regard, Iván Roman Noriero, agroecological coordinator of the agroecological center “San Fransisco de Asís” (CASFA), announced that the union of the more than three organic coffee producers who have organized to have a good product are already giving the fruits to improve the income of producers “We have a coverage of 20 thousand hectares of coffee and we produce around 60 thousand quintals that are marketed organically with a stable price of 45 pesos in parchment, this, compared to the non-organic that it ranges between 30 or 32 pesos ”, he added.

He assured that this stable price helps producers to pay production expenses and make profits to support their family, as long as the product is 100 percent organic since there are many consumers of clean coffee in the world who they look for the warmth of organic coffee

“At the national level, Chiapas is the first place in organic production, which indicates that many organizations are working on the commercialization of this type of coffee, as it leaves better profits for the producers of the grain,” Roman Noriero highlighted that Chiapas territory occupies 40 percent of the national territory with areas leftover from this product, which provides a greater opportunity to have a good product with added value.

Roman Noriero indicated that the demand for organic, healthy, quality products that help the environment has increased considerably and not only on the subject of coffee because European countries and the United States seek quality.

Finally, Roman Noriero remarked that this year they met the goals they had planned on the export issue, but that they had a little delay in shipments due to the health contingency due to Covid-19 that affected all the productive sectors of the country.


San Cristobal Post