Aguascalientes is one of the most unexplored states of Mexico (VIDEO)


Aguascalientes has a lot going for it and just a few hundred miles north across the border many people have never heard about it. It’s a quickly developing city, one of the cleanest in Latin America and safest in Mexico.

Come along and check out this video of Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes.

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Almost 500 years ago, this city was founded with the original name of Antigua Villa de Nuestra Asunción de las Aguas Calientes, due to the presence of hot springs in the area. As expected, the long title was shortened to “Aguascalientes” , as we know it now, thus also giving the nickname of “hidrocalidos” to its inhabitants.

One of its traditions with the greatest presence is bullfighting, also known as the “fiesta brava”, which has left a clear influence on the art of Aguascalientes and its culture. This practice commonly appears in passages from their literature and paintings that describe the essence of their celebrations, such as the Feria Nacional de San Marcos, their largest annual fair.

But Aguascalientes is so much more. Its railroad heritage played a very important role in the industrialization of our country; among its four oldest neighborhoods, one in particular stands out; the Barrio de la Estación, a symbol of its railroad strength.

When visiting it, you will get to know the old workshops of this endearing locomotive and if you have time, you will also witness the show offered by the dancing fountains or take a train ride.

One of the must-see stops during your visit to Aguascalientes is definitely to try its snacks. Make space in your backpack, because you will want to take your respective “itacate” (takeaway) of “chiquiadas”, a type of corn dough patty fried in butter and stuffed with some stew, if it seems to you that it is too early for food cravings, do not worry, “hidrocalidos” (people from Aguascalientes) include these delights at breakfast.

As in any city’s heart, its famous Cathedral is here. This building is home to the Virgin de la Asunción (Assumption’s Virgin ) and a work of colonial architecture, which stands out due to its twin Neoclassical towers. The famous Exedra is located in front of the enclosure, a monument in the shape of a column with an eagle at the top, which they say is the true geographic center of Mexico. If it is not yet on your list of trips to be made, now is the time to write it down.

Another of its people’s most loved and popular spaces and one that you should not forget to visit, is Mercado Juárez, because in addition to gathering an interesting local gastronomic offer, it is the ideal place to find that souvenir you are looking for. There will be no shortage of crafts, typical sweets, a wallet or traditional toys to keep as tokens of your adventures in México. The best part of this market? The prices and the attention of its great people!

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