Four Sinaloa municipalities remain in the ‘eye of the hurricane’ due to COVID Do you know which ones?


Three other municipalities have also stood out for staying low in infections since the beginning of the pandemic

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Since the beginning of the pandemic, 4 municipalities have been marked as the most affected by the number of COVID cases that have hit them, constantly staying at the top of the list.

According to the informational cuts published daily by the Secretary of Health in Sinaloa, the entities that have registered the most COVID-19 cases since day 01 when the virus arrived in the state are:

  • Culiacán with 10 thousand 628 cases
  • Mazatlan with 4,247 cases
  • Guasave with 3,395 cases
  • Ahome with 3 thousand 383 cases
  • The number of infections, they have also remained in the first places with the number of recovered, registering more than 9 thousand in Culiacán, more than 3,500 in Mazatlán, more than 2,900 in Guasave and more than 2,000 600 in Ahome.

On the other hand, the municipalities that have been most favored by not exceeding 100 COVID-19 cases in 297 days so far are:

  • San Ignacio 49
  • Elota 59
  • Concordia 60
  • Cosala It 69

Currently, 11 of the 18 municipalities in Sinaloa are registered with a green traffic light, as they do not exceed 5 positive cases of COVID-19, and only Culiacán remains with a red traffic light with more than 200 patients.


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