An expat goes viral for selling lasagna on the streets of Merida


Through social networks, a man of foreign origin went viral for selling lasagna on the street.

A foreign man is part of the news today by going viral on social networks, for selling food on the streets.

It was a user who calls herself Wendy F., who through her social networks shared a photo of a man of foreign origin selling Italian lasagna with handmade dough for $ 50 a portion.

According to the woman, it is ‘great’ for her to share a foreigner who seeks to earn a living in a noble and honorable way, in these difficult times, she even stated that she would like if at some point in her life if she is outside of Mexico and goes through a similar situation, people support her on social networks.

According to the publication, the man stands at the entrance of the Gran Santa Fe subdivision of Ciudad Caucel and on the recommendation of hundreds of users of social networks, the man’s food is very good.

It is worth mentioning that the publication of this man in a social network has gone viral to the extent that it has reached 2,600 shares and several users stated that they have already bought the food from him because they knew about him on social networks.

The man stands in front of the Dunosusa store in the aforementioned subdivision starting at 5 in the afternoon.

Source: La Verdad Noticias

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