You can get to Huatulco Oaxaca by sky, sea, and land


The beauty continues, if Huatulco is clean, now it is much more. If it was warm, now it is much more, because of its people.

You can get to Huatulco literally by sky, sea, and land. Since the tourist development, which has an incredible nature, has an International Airport, very sophisticated, but with a quite colorful style, since it consists of several palapas, which give it a very special touch, a very friendly decoration with nature and surroundings.

By land there are buses that arrive from the main cities of the country and from the capital of the State, having two fully designed bus terminals, to provide an efficient, functional, and visually pleasing service, neat, organized and safe, for those who want to travel by bus, there are multiple alternatives in terms of services of different costs, depending on your travel style and the comforts you want.

Obviously, one of the pride that Huatulco is its Cruise Ship Pier, which is strategically located in the Bay of Santa Cruz, where the most luxurious cruises of the different shipping lines that come from Europe or the United States arrive. Some of the most sophisticated vessels are from the Rotterdam company, as well as the famous “Princess”, among many others, that arrive in Huatulco, through this important international communication route.

While you can get to the Chahué Marina by yacht, where there is also a parking service for these boats in exchange for a payment, which is not so expensive, if we compare it to other places in the world such as the Port of St. Tropez on the French Riviera in France, Ibiza Magna in Spain, Portofino in Liguria, Italy or Miami Beach in Florida USA.

Transportation from the capital of Oaxaca through Urbans that have its own terminal in the “La Crucecita” subdivision, which is the central point of the Huatulco Bays, runs daily several rounds for a relatively low cost.

Also, those who want to come by car can arrive through federal highway 175 Oaxaca-Puerto Angel and take the height of the Pluma Hidalgo deviation, there is direct access to the Huatulco Bays, making less time, which also allows you save costs. The federal highway 200 communicates with the different coastal areas of the country, being very used also, both for tourists who live or stay long periods along the coast, such as Puerto Escondido, Chacahua, Zipolite, Mazunte, towards Huatulco or vice versa, being one of the busiest roads, but quite comfortable, since there have been many improvements and this makes vehicle traffic much more comfortable in this area.

NERI PINACHO REYES, an example of perseverance in Huatulco.

When he was little, he unexpectedly had to work, in order to meet the basic needs to survive, such as: food, clothing and a roof to sleep on. By virtue of the fact that his parents separated and he and his brother knew that the way to obtain what was necessary to survive was to work, honestly performing activities, to be economically remunerated and thus solve the requirements that daily life demands of you.

Thus, as a Neri child, he began to have responsibilities before his time, (selling tamales and atole, washing buses, among other activities), fortunately and with the guidance of his father, he was guided on the right path, learning that how base had to have an academic preparation, being so that not only did he work in what he could, but he also carried out his studies with enthusiasm, by the way in government schools, through which great figures of Huatulco have passed and that due to this, they have acquired greater prestige and that each generation remembers with nostalgia, but generally they have a great acceptance. And they are the “Vicente Guerrero” Primary, Technical Secondary No. 144 and Cobao Plantel 22, located in Santa Cruz Huatulco. The desire to get out of that situation and for her future to be better, made Neri be constant, Knowing work as the only way to get ahead, and that is how working remembers it, as a constant habit in his life, as a teenager he worked as: waiter on the beach, in restaurants in “La Crucecita” and taxi driver, among others occupations, always attentive to find a way to have a higher income. As a young man he joined his wife, acquiring more commitments, but at the same time, having a great ally, with whom he agrees and together supporting each other, they achieved what led Neri to become what he is now: a provider of tourist services, who understands the difficult situations that the members of his team that he leads entrust to him and acquiring that sensitivity to put himself in the other person’s shoes, due to so many difficult experiences and situations that he lived through, throughout his life,

Nowadays, having already established his home, which is made up of his wife Ernestina and two children, we talk with Neri Pinacho who tells us how he can stay focused and have a simple relationship, with the people he relates to, to which he tells us that he He has used to have an emotional balance, to be able to function in the most appropriate way, he has understood it that way, this is how he considers that life works better in his own experience and applies it that way, knowing that the enemy to overcome is oneself.

A couple of years ago, since he had overcome many challenges and being married, he gave himself the opportunity to study a Bachelor of Tourism Business Administration, having performed his social service in the hotel industry in Bahías de Huatulco.

So if we were to make a summary of his life, everything he learned since he was little, his adolescence in which he had to work in different occupations, but always in honest jobs, allowed him to be a service provider today tourism leading his company West Coast DMC, which based on great efforts and perseverance, is consolidating more and more, making a great team with his wife Ernestina, with whom he makes decisions jointly and on some occasions, also considering the opinion of his children, from whom he tells us he has learned a lot, for example to take time for everything, listening to their opinions, from the vision that they have as young people and that many times they are very helpful to have another clearer perspective of lifetime.

There is much to learn from a character who has dedicated his entire life to work and the advice he gives us is that before acquiring a good for a company, we analyze the cost benefit, as well as the feasibility of being able to pay it, so that Whether it is a support and a tool that helps us improve production and not the opposite, that is why an evaluation has to be made.

To give back to life what he has been able to achieve after so many experiences, he provides humanitarian support through the Civil Association “Todos Unidos por Huatulco”, from where he has been able to donate pantries, provide medical consultations and various noble actions that many people value. .

Neri Pinacho, who currently already has agreements with large tourism companies such as Apple Vacation, among others, is a clear example that perseverance will reward you with success.

If you want to know more about your company or are interested in its services, here we provide you with the data of your company that offers you various tours, excursions, and events: Facebook: Westcoast Huatulco DMC, telephone: 958 128 9431 Instagram: @westcoasthuatulco website:

Likewise, Neri Pinacho invites you to visit Huatulco, where the options to get there are in any way you want: sky, sea, and land, but most importantly, the affection of the people who serve you, in gratitude to your preference. .


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