Mazatlan will BOOM like never before in 2021, says Mayor


Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres assured that the port will continue its escalation in the tourist, economic, industrial, and service sectors

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres announced that Mazatlán will BOOM “like never in history” in 2021.

Mazatlan FC Stadium

“Much more than what we have right now, Mazatlán is going to Boom like never before in history, with much more than what we have right now,” he reiterated.

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Benítez Torres explained that the municipality will explode in the tourist, economic, industrial, and service areas.

Mazatlan Developments

As an example, he mentioned the USMCA project, which will be carried out with an investment of 300 million dollars.

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“It’s easy to say, but multiplied by 21, you can give one an idea of ​​the magnitude of this development,” he added.

Mazatlan Building Boom

The Mazatlán municipal Mayor received the “Best Local Government Practices 2020” award, which the Mayor of Mexico magazine presented to the Mazatlán City Council for being the highest-rated municipality in promoting investment.

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