Record number of hospitalizations for COVID in Jalisco


Jalisco reached its maximum record in hospitalizations for COVID-19 this Wednesday, according to statistics from the Radar Jalisco strategy, presented daily on its web platform.

According to the figures, on November 9, there were 937 people hospitalized in the State; the figure had not been so high since last July 27, when 907 hospitalizations from COVID-19 were reported.

Of the patients admitted to any of the medical institutions until yesterday, 533 were in IMSS hospitals (57%), 148 patients were in hospitals of the Jalisco Health Secretariat (16%), 116 in the Civil Hospitals of Guadalajara (12%), 102 patients in private hospitals (11%) and 38 in ISSSTE medical units (4%).

State authorities announced that in the Northern Region of Jalisco the occupation of beds is 58.3%, in the Altos Sur Region the percentage is 44.6%, while in the Altos Norte Region it is 47.7%.

For this reason, the State Governor asked the mayors to “take seriously the health provisions to prevent COVID-19 infections and to strengthen and promote sanitary measures, including the mandatory use of face masks, the supervision of commercial establishments at 50% occupancy, apply time restrictions and not allow concentrations of people or religious celebrations.


The Guadalajara Post