More than 300 businesses in Tabasco are closed for not complying with sanitary measures


The Directorate for Protection Against Sanitary Risks, has issued 3,097 letters to commercial establishments to date.

For failing to comply with the protocols and health measures to avoid contagion of Covid-19 , 365 commercial establishments have been closed in Tabasco and 3 thousand 097 warrants have been issued, warning the state government that if the increase in positive cases continues , new measures of restriction will be taken.

According to the Ministry of Health, for not complying 100 percent with the safety and healthy distance protocols established in the framework of the opening towards the new normality, the Directorate for Protection Against Sanitary Risks, has issued to date 3,097 exhortations to commercial and service establishments in the 17 municipalities of Tabasco, in order to prevent new infections of this virus.


It was reported that as of December 9, a total of 14,219 commercial and service establishments had been visited, and in 3,097 of them, it was detected that the established provisions were not being complied with, such as respecting the capacity of people authorized, have a filter at the entrance of the business, informative posters, as well the use of the mask, in addition to the healthy distance, among others.

Of the total number of letters issued, specified the agency, 407 went to taquerías, inns and cocinas economicas; 348 to novelty and sundries stores; 216 for restaurants, cafes and pizzerias; 203 for pharmacies, 159 went to butchers, chicken and fish stores.

Letter were also sent to 152 self-service stores, 144 various food outlets, 104 shoe stores, 94 clothing stores and boutiques, 93 beauty shops, 92 stationery stores, 88 ice cream parlors, ice cream shops and toy stores, 83 paint stores, 52 convenience stores, 46 doctor’s offices, 32 candy stores and 24 laundry places.

During the surveillance tours, the inspectors detected that 365 businesses were not complying with the protocols and security measures, so they proceeded to suspend activities, from novelty and fabric stores, to restaurants, cafeterias, taquerias and pizzerias; self-service and grocery stores, gyms, convenience stores, funeral homes, among others.

Of the total number of establishments visited, 13 thousand 442 had an antibacterial gel dispensary, 10,743 complied with the healthy distance, 10 thousand 770 with the established capacity; In addition, 8,328 consultancies were provided and 4,259 health promotion materials were distributed, including leaflets and posters.

The governor of the state, Adán Augusto López Hernández , pointed out that despite the fact that there are restrictive measures to avoid contagion of Covid-19, there are establishments that are not respecting these provisions, for which he warned that more drastic actions will be taken if the increase in infections continues.

“Well, we are seeing what the evolution of the pandemic is and it will come, we hope not, but there may come a time when additional restriction measures can be taken. I make the request again because the State belongs to everyone, the owners of commercial establishments need to follow the protocols, it is everyone’s responsibility, not just the government’s, ”he said.

In the latest report issued by the Ministry of Health, he asked Tabasco citizens to observe the notable increase in the number of cases that has occurred in recent days, to take the situation “seriously”. A total 335 records were recorded in Tabasco in the last 24 hours.

In the accumulated number of confirmed cases, since the pandemic began, Tabasco has a total of 39,102 cases and 3,158 deaths. 34,146 patients have been successfully recovered in different public and private hospitals in the state.

Source: El Universal

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