Mexico’s 1st Aerospace park will be in Mazatlan


They are already clearing the land of the new Mazatlan Aerospace Park, which will be the first aerospace park in Mexico, with an airport and its own runway, and this will be very important for Sinaloa, announced the Secretary of Economy, Javier Lizárraga Mercado.

He explained that the development of this project will be done in two stages, in 200 hectares in total, where the development of the first stage will be in about 70 hectares.

“The runway will arrive from the airport at 1,100 meters, precisely so that the first plants in the aerospace sector will be set up, the key is to pull the aerospace industry to Sinaloa, this would be the first time it has entered the aerospace sector, we entered Sinaloa, which is a very important sector that has occurred in the north and on the border, but mainly in the center of the country, states such as Querétaro, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, especially Querétaro ”, explained the state Secretary of Economy.

Parque aeroespacial será parte del megaproyecto Corredor T-MEC – Inmobiliare

Lizárraga Mercado assured that they have been given all the facilities, where the State Government has provided them with Fiscal Promotion Certificates, coordinated with the municipality, in order for these investors to have these facilities.

He reported that Carlos Slim’s Grupo Carso is supporting the aerospace park, and could be a good promoter of this project.


The Mazatlan Post