Tlaxcala groups bring help to victims of Tabasco and Chiapas


With these actions we are united to add and contribute a grain of sand in favor of those affected by the rains and floods, says Eduardo Hernández

Members of civil associations from Tlaxcala, along with groups from Puebla and Veracruz, brought approximately eight tons of food, clothing, and furniture to support the people of Tabasco and Chiapas affected by the rains and floods.

Last Saturday, those who are part of “Tlaxcala Brilla“, “El Corazón de Tlaxcala“, “Comercios Unidos Tlaxcala“, “Tlaxcala Istmo de Tehuantepec“, as well as “Grupo Yolotzin” and the Red Cross of Puebla, departed from the capital of the state to bring aid to those entities.

Around 500 volunteers collected and brought furniture, clothing, footwear, bottled water, pantries with items from the basic basket, toys, household utensils, personal hygiene items, general cleaning, mattresses, and sweets.

“All these activities are altruistic and in a caravan of 10 people, a torton truck, and three private vehicles, they personally delivered aid to those most in need in those entities,” explained Eduardo Hernández, from the Corazón de Tlaxcala association.

He added that on this occasion the groups came together to join forces and that, from their trenches, they contributed a grain of sand that will make the difference between the people who lost their heritage.

He thanked the support of the citizens who made their contributions, as he pointed out that the help they provide to the affected people of Tabasco and Chiapas is the result of the sensitivity and empathy of the Tlaxcalans, which motivates them to continue with that culture of serving, of have confidence and credibility.

“This is one of the more than 15 activities carried out during the year by the partners and friends participating in these civil organizations, we see that more and more participants are being added each time,” he said.


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