UNAM promotes the creation of the Totonaca School of Traditional Medicine


The ancestral knowledge of Totonac indigenous medicine will be protected and promoted by an institution of the UNAM. We tell you about the project.

Since pre-Hispanic times, traditional indigenous medicine has not had a formal institution that protects and promotes this traditional knowledge. However, thanks to the zeal of the native peoples, whose knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation, today we have this ancestral heritage. This is the case of the Totonac people in Veracruz.


Due to the above, the University Program for Studies of Cultural Diversity and Interculturality (PUIC-UNAM) and the Center for Indigenous Arts of Totonacapan in Veracruz work together to create the School of Traditional Totonaca Medicine. Once in operation, this school will allow the promotion and conservation of indigenous knowledge. This, in turn, will translate into the biological and cultural preservation of Veracruz.

It should be noted that in the archaeological zone of Tajín and Petén there is the Center for Indigenous Arts, a place where 70 indigenous healers met with academics from UNAM. Although traditional doctors are recognized and required by the communities, currently the knowledge is in danger of extinction as a result of migration.

totonac medicine

Currently, UNAM specialists designed a cutting-edge educational model fashion healers, herbalists, midwives, etc. for the new generation.

This system will have two facets of training, a humanistic one in which the student learns Totonac philosophy, worldview, and customs, and another that focuses on health sciences. Currently, the specialists and healers hold constant meetings to evaluate the progress of the creation of the new institution.

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