Mexico has 11 new Magical Towns!


Through a commemorative ceremony, the Ministry of Tourism named 12 new Magical Towns in Mexico.

These are the new towns that are part of this distinctive, to stand out in areas such as architecture, historical heritage, biodiversity, and gastronomy. 

Mani, Yucatan (Archive)
  • -Ajijic, Jalisco
  • -Isla Aguada, Campeche
  • -Maní, Yucatán
  • -Mexcaltitán, Nayarit
  • -Paracho, Michoacán
  • -Santa Catarina Juquila, Oaxaca
  • -Santa María del Río, San Luis Potosí
  • -Sisal, Yucatán
  • -Tetela de Ocampo, Puebla
  • -Tonatico, State from Mexico
  • -Zempoala, Hidalgo
Ajijic has been appointed Magical Town (Archive)

These communities were named after making a call presented in October, in which destinations from all over the country were registered. 

In October of this 2020, it had been announced that the Mexcaltitán community had recovered its appointment as Pueblo Mágico. 

During the conference, the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, explained that a new management and strategy model will be established for Magical Towns, with the intention of positioning them as “exemplary and sustainable destinations throughout the world.” 

From now on, the program will stop serving as an exclusive promotion of tourism “to become a national alliance” to give access to various federal government programs. 

“The previous management model was limited and an example of this is the reality that exists today in these destinations. Almost 20 years after the first appointment of the Magical Towns, the margins of poverty and social deprivation in these localities persist and, in generally, they are higher than the national average “

Tonatico, Estado de México has been appointed Pueblo Mágico (File photo)

The official stressed that domestic tourism “will be the great engine in this recovery stage” as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this sense, the Magical Towns would be “pillars of the regional and national economy.” 

The Pueblos Mágicos program was born in 2001 and, until 2018, had appointed 111 towns in the country to diversify the tourist offer to the interior of the country.

Source: El Universal

Mexico Daily Post