Ciudad Victoria.- The state of Tamaulipas, has within its natural heritage with incredible places where the visitor can live unique experiences accompanied by the spectacular nature that nature offers. In these beautiful spaces, you can practice alternative tourism such as hiking, camping, mountaineering, cave exploration, river descent, mountain biking, zip-lining, rappelling, and kayaking.

In the municipality of Jaumave, the visitor can enjoy an ideal paradise for lovers of nature and bird watching, immersed in the Sierra Madre Oriental. This municipality, also known as the sanctuary of the Guacamayas, gives the largest number of hectares to the El Cielo Biosphere, so it keeps natural treasures to practice ecotourism and adventure tourism.

In Mante, you can visit the Cueva del Abra, a cavern in the Sierra de Cucharas, whose entrance shaft is 116 meters long. It is located 13 kilometers from the municipal seat. In “El Nacimiento”, you can admire the spring that springs from inside a cave formed in the foothills of the mountains, where you can enjoy a wonderful day in the field, go swimming, or relax while taking a boat ride .

Reserva de la Biósfera El Cielo

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and one of the wonders of Mexico, the “El Cielo” Biosphere, located in Gómez Farías, is the most spectacular protected natural area in the Mexican northeast. In this reserve, you can find fossils of marine life, as well as archaeological remains and a wide diversity of flora and fauna. At night, in the clearest areas, the visitor will be amazed by the magic of its sky and can relax listening to the wonderful sounds of nature.

You can also perform various ecotourism and adventure tourism activities such as kayaking, rappelling, hiking, boat rides, camping, mountain biking, bird watching and zip lining. “El Cielo” covers around 144,539 hectares and is made up of four municipalities: Gómez Farías, Ocampo, Llera and Jaumave.

The Guayalejo River is the main water supply basin for the Tamaulipas plateau, there is the municipality of Llera and it is the ideal destination to enjoy family ecotourism. In this river, there are many beautiful places and natural spas that can be enjoyed while the tour is carried out in picturesque trajineras or in fast kayaks.

Source: tamaulipas.gob.mx

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