Indigenous and Mexican-African Peoples overthrow electoral reform of “Morena” in Veracruz


From the Indigenous Consultative Council of the Native and MexicanAfrican Peoples of the State of Veracruz, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation was able to declare said reform invalid

The Indigenous and Mexican- African peoples of Veracruz were the ones who managed to overturn an electoral reform promoted by Morena that contemplated, among other things, eliminating the revocation of the mandate, reducing the electoral structure, and reducing the prerogatives to political parties by 50 percent.

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From the Indigenous Consultative Council of the Native and Mexican African Peoples of the State of Veracruz, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation was able to declare said reform invalid by not having promoted consultations with indigenous peoples on electoral matters

The legal changes were intended to be applied in next year’s election when the 212
municipal presidents and 30 deputies with a relative majority must be voted.

“The feeling is that despite all the adversities and all the blockades we had today, reason
assists us,” said Rosita Martínez Facundo, representative of the Indigenous Consultative
Council and Governor of the Native and Mexican-African Peoples of the State of Veracruz.

The 36-year-old Nahuatl indigenous woman, originally from the community of San Juan in
the Olmec region of southern Veracruz described as “a shame” that they have been waiting for a resolution from the SCJN to turn to see them and finally show goodwill of levels of government towards the indigenous.

SCJN declares the electoral reform invalid the electoral reform approved by the majority of  Morena in Congress was declared invalid yesterday by the SCJN for violating the principle of deliberative democracy.

The ministers of the highest body of justice described as illegal these changes that eliminated the popular consultation for the revocation of the governor’s mandate.

The reform had also eliminated the 212 Municipal Electoral Councils, as well as the 50 percent reduction in the prerogatives of political parties.

The speaking minister Juan Luis González Alcántara Carrancá said that the regulations were not properly applied in the process.

“There are violations in the legislative procedure with obtaining enough to invalidate decree 576 because it generates a substantial impact on the principle of deliberative democracy.”

And it is that the deputies did not consult indigenous and Afro-American populations and communities on issues that implied the reform, so they could not participate in their discussion.

The governor of the native peoples explained that said legal changes were published in July of this year, so the law gave the electoral body a term of 90 days to promote public consultation on indigenous matters. 

“The native peoples gave ourselves to the task of working before the example of Guerrero and Hidalgo, whose resources were rejected before the Supreme Court of Justice ñ, for lack of public consultation;  we did not want to go down in history for doing nothing “, exposed.

Then, said council requested, on behalf of the thirteen native peoples, the Local Electoral Public Organism to participate in said consultation; However, under the excuse of the emergency by Covid, they were denied that right and were only informed that they would wait for an interpretation from the Legislative Power, but that legal figure – he denounced – does not exist because there is no rule that says how and when it is carried out that interpretation. 

“We understood that there is an emergency but we understand the rights of digital justice and to be able to connect from our native peoples to say how we want to participate in the 2021 electoral process,” he recalled.

Faced with the refusal, they presented legal appeals that reached the SCJN, where they argued the violation of their right to be included in electoral reform. 

“We feel very sad, omitted, marginalized, discriminated against and excluded, because the National and State Development Plan says that indigenous peoples are the priority and before this, we realized that we are not the priority, there is a total incongruity in a speech to the reality and the practice, it is a shame that if we are the native peoples, there is no law for us, “he said. 

Now she was satisfied with the resolution that forced the cancellation of said reform and takes them into account in a public consultation for the year 2022, which would apply for the following governor elections. 

“The feeling is that despite all the adversities and all the blockades that we had today, reason assists us in terms of the law, everything according to the law, we were very peaceful, there was never a demonstration in the state government, we as the president we agree with its law, but we request a statement from us that recognizes us as indigenous peoples and that lack of real support is exposed. ” 


Veracruz Daily Post