Puerto Vallarta city employee saves three minors from drowning or did he?


Three minors went swimming in the sea, in front of the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk, but they lost all notion of space and went deep

Moments of anguish were experienced this Saturday afternoon on the beach of the Malecón in Puerto Vallarta when three minors were on the verge of drowning.

What could lead to a tragedy, was avoided thanks to the courage of an element of the Puerto Vallarta Municipality Regulations while performing his duties and passing in front of the well-known Hotel Rosita, he realized the situation.

Without thinking, the man who identified himself as José Francisco Valdés immediately went into the sea to rescue the children, before the eyes of the anguished parents and the amazement of the tourists.

Once they were on land, the children said they had lost the notion of space and ended up in the deepest part, without the current allowing them to return to the beach.

The brave act was applauded by witnesses, while the parents of the minors thanked the Puerto Vallarta worker.

Who Really saved the Children?

Miguel Ruiz D Dios claims that after seeing inaction from authorities he dove in to save the children and that the city employee and police arrived after the fact

Miguel says the important thing is the children are safe and the father thank him personally

Source: pacozea.com, grillaenlacosta.com

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