Progreso Yucatan will have the largest shipyard in Latin America


Merida Yucatan. The project, the product of an agreement between the Italian company Fincantieri and the Government of that state, will have an investment of between 300 and 500 million dollars.

The Italian company Fincantieri announced an agreement with the Government of Yucatán to install the largest shipbuilding and maintenance center in Mexico and Latin America.

The project will total an investment ranging from 300 to 500 million dollars and includes the construction of two dry docks within a 40-hectare site in Puerto Progreso, which will house a useful complex to repair or build vessels up to 400 meters. of length or length, from 2024.

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State government tenders for the first part of the work will be launched next year, in order to start dredging work from the second half of 2021, with the intention of raising the current capacity of Puerto Progreso to 15 meters of draft, which is around 9 meters, reported those involved.

The letter of intent was remotely signed this Tuesday by the secretary of Economic Development and Labor of Yucatán, Ernesto Herrera Novelo, and the director of the Fincantieri Services division, Giorgio Rizzo, with the endorsement of the governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and the general director of Fincantieri, Fabio Galla, informed the company that specified the market that it intends with this project:

“Particularly cruise ships, large oil and gas freighters, which need complex operations. The infrastructure will also have a lifting platform for units up to 150 meters in length ”, explained Fincantieri.

This maintenance center will have cranes, workshops, offices, and specialized equipment, reported the group that is listed on the Italian stock market and that reported revenues of 5,849 million euros in 2019, according to its public reports.

The Yucatecan government will be responsible for the initial works that include dredging, construction of infrastructure, and main plants, which will represent an initial spill for construction companies and jobs in that branch.

Fincantieri will initially act as a consultant for the first works and later will build state-of-the-art facilities, such as workshops and cranes, in addition to staff training both at local institutions and at the Fincantieri Academy.

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Herrera Novelo reported in an interview that among the companies directly benefiting from the construction of the project will be Grupo Millet, a Mexican manufacturer of windows, which recently expanded its capacity in the municipality of Baca, Mérida conurbation, and Niplito, a distribution company of supplies for construction, in addition to suppliers of materials.

The Italian company to be installed in Progreso – a port located 40 minutes from Mérida – will also have the power to provide the services required by the Mexican Navy. Its influence will have an impact on the entire North and Central American region, for ships that are currently served in Houston or Panama, reported the Secretary of Economic Development and Labor of Yucatan, who stressed that it was essential for Italians to have the legal certainty it provides. this entity.

Herrera Novelo explained that for his state, this investment will have a development impact comparable to that of Grupo Modelo, of AB Inbev, which invested last five years in the Yucateca Brewery, which triggered others related to the food sector, particularly the producer Kekén pork meat, from Grupo Kuo.

Cervecería Mexicana en Yucatán | Grupo Modelo
Merida Yucatan Brewery

Once the shipyard reaches its full operational capacity, it will be able to receive around 700 full-time employees and a supply chain that will involve 2,500 workers in high demand seasons, reported Fincantieri.


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