Mazatlan is not ready for Carnival


The vice president of Tourism of Canaco considered that the correct thing is to postpone the date to avoid a massive contagion of Covid-19

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The decision to hold or not the Mazatlán International Carnival 2021, from February 11 to 16, must be based on scientific and medical methods, not on the passion and hubbub that the party brings, warned Óscar Tirado Bernal.

The Vice President of Tourism of the Mazatlan Chamber of Commerce admitted that although this event would significantly reactivate the destination’s economy, the health of citizens must be prioritized.

“That decision must be based on reality, attached to the situation we are going through, and not on a query that can be directed to one side or the other, we hope that the correct decision is made. Mazatlán is not ready for Carnival “he said.

He commented that in an event that brings together thousands of people, it will be difficult to comply with all the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and that the worldwide trend is cancellation or change of date in this type of event.

“The Carnival can be held when the vaccine is ready and the right thing to do is to postpone it and if the vaccine does not reach the majority of the population at that time, it could be done next year, if there is no party, nothing happens. Otherwise, we could regret that decision with the loss of life, “ he said.

Tirado Bernal pointed out that making a query so that there is Carnival or not, is what is seen at the national level in the way that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador makes many decisions that are not always the best, that is why it is something that is had review very well because it deals with human lives.

“If from the first moment the president and the secretary of health had marked the importance of the use of the mask, perhaps many lives would have been saved, however, in that stubbornness and the desire for populism, more than 100,000 have been lost, hopefully, that the Mazatlan Carnival is not an event that contributes to more deaths, “he concluded.


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