Indigenous pride: the story of Diego Juárez, weaving artist and YouTuber


Diego Juárez, from A. Paquiliztli, is a Mexican proud of his roots.

Diego Juárez migrated from Mexico to the United States when he was only 4 years old. Now he is a weaving artist, Nahuatl teacher, pharmacist, and YouTuber.

He wants to inspire the children of indigenous communities.

“I would say to the children, do not be ashamed of who they are, see that there are people who can be successful with what they do, get inspired and you too do it in the future,” says Diego.

Diego Juárez Viveros

For his part, Diego Juárez Viveros, creator of the channel A Paquiliztli, where he disseminates themes of Mexican culture and shares his art of knitting with crochet, a trade that his mother taught him, from the United States he seeks that Mexicans love their identity and what else people are attracted to it.

“Always, all my life, I have wanted to rescue my roots, I am mestizo. I came to the United States when I was four years old, so I didn’t know much about Mexico or my culture, so I wanted to rescue it, ”says Diego.

He began creating content in 2004, but it began to become more popular in 2013. Most of his users are Mexicans living in the United States and who only speak English, although he also has Spanish-speaking subscribers and from Russia, where they are very popular fabrics.

Making these videos for me is a way of showing the world my passion for my culture, for the colorful, for Mexican traditions, because it is a way to rescue them

– Diego Juárez Viveros

Creator of channel A Paquiliztli

The contents of A Paquiliztli are in Spanish, English, and Nahuatl, three languages ​​that Diego masters perfectly, which is why he will soon also launch classes on the latter so that people know the richness of that language.

Learn about their work in the art of weaving and teaching the Nahuatl language.

A Paquiliztli

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