Access to the beaches of Huatulco in deterioration


Santa María Huatulco.- The 312 wooden steps attached to rods, most of them in poor condition and falling off due to lack of maintenance, the steps embedded in a small hill and are the only public pass that visitors and residents of Huatulco can use to go down to the paradisiac El Tejoncito beach, monopolized by a residential club.

Bahía de Chahué, Huatulco Oaxaca
Bahía de Chahué, Huatulco Oaxaca

This is not the only beach area whose public access is rustic and dangerous in all the most important residential and hotel development of Santa María Huatulco, which includes the Chahué, Tangolunda, and Conejo bays.

Bahía Tangolunda | Vacaciones en la Bahía de Huatulco
Bahía Tangolunda

There are more than 4 kilometers of beach that only have public roads prepared by developers and authorities to ensure that access to the beaches is “completely free”, but that end up inhibiting the presence of local tourism due to the poor condition they are in.

The sign for El Tejoncito beach is at the foot of a hill that can be raised and lowered in 40 minutes, next to the private club Celeste Beach Residences & Spa.

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Playa El Tejoncito

To enjoy this bay you have two options: go up and down the 312 steps of the hill or be a guest of the complex designed by the famous HKS Arquitectos office, in exchange for paying 6 thousand pesos a day.


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