Grandfather who left Sonora and walks to Veracruz missing


Don Miguel’s journey has been viralized on social networks; Family members are looking if he arrived safely in Ozuluama, in Veracruz

Veracruz. Relatives of Don Miguel Mariscal, an elderly adult, look for him in Veracruz after leaving home more than 60 days ago when he decided to travel from Sonora alone with his wheelbarrow loaded with belongings.

Through social networks, the case of the man between 60 and 75 years old who wears a hat, a plaid shirt, boots, and denim pants, who motorists see him pass by on the side of the road, on his way to the Veracruz state, was announced.

The man left San Luis Río Colorado in Sonora and on his way, several motorists captured some photographs, making his trip viral on the Facebook social network.

Don Miguel’s destination is Ozuluama, a municipality located north of Veracruz, almost adjacent to the state of Tamaulipas and more than 2,517 kilometers from the start of the trip.

On his journey, he came across people who did not hesitate to reach out to him and even give him a “lift” to ease the senior’s walk.

Until now, the reason why this brave man decided to travel to the other end of the country or if he has relatives there is unknown.