101 Covid-19 patients were discharged in Sinaloa


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (Thursday, November 12th, 2020).- 86 new cases of coronavirus are added in Sinaloa, of which 40 are in Culiacán, 16 in Ahome, 23 in Guasave, 11 in Mazatlán, three in Navolato, two in Choix and one in Sinaloa municipality, informed Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres, Secretary of State Health.

In his daily Covid-19 case update report, the Health Secretary indicated that 101 patients were discharged; 42 in Culiacán, 24 in Guasave, 17 in Mazatlán, nine in Ahome, five in Navolato, two in Salvador Alvarado, one in Badiraguato, and one more in Angostura.

Unfortunately there were also 12 deaths; five in the state capital, three in Mazatlán, three in Ahome and one in Navolato.

There are 409 active patients; 244 in Culiacán, 57 in Guasave, 42 in Mazatlán, 37 in Ahome, 10 in Navolato, five in Sinaloa municipality, three in Salvador Alvarado, three in Choix, two in El Rosario, one in Angostura, El Fuerte, Mocorito, Badiraguato, Cosalá and Elota, respectively, the rest of the municipalities, Concordia, Escuinapa and San Ignacio are reported with zero cases.

259 days after the first case detected in the state, there are already 22 thousand 462 patients, 18 thousand 335 discharges and three thousand 720 deaths. There are currently 1,122 suspected patients.

Municipalities with the most recovered cases, Culiacán with 7,375, Mazatlán with 3,338, Guasave with 2,596, Ahome with 2,319 and Salvador Alvarado with 646.

Municipalities with the most deaths, Culiacán with 1,344, Ahome with 697, Mazatlán with 586, Guasave with 439 and Salvador Alvarado with 139.

Municipalities with more suspected cases, Culiacán with 546, Ahome with 167, Guasave with 161, Mazatlán with 112 and Navolato with 37.

Source: OEM

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