Groupon Vs Expedia: Best Deals for Hotels in Cancun


By Romullo Campos Dias

A lot of people ask where they can find an all-inclusive hotel in Cancun or Playa del Carmen area, and two options seem to come up from people who are giving recommendation: Groupon & Expedia.

Cheap Hotels in Cancun

Expedia is a platform where you can book a flight, hotel and activities for just about any destination in the world. They are one of the most used online travel agencies in the world.

Groupon is a discount website, not necessarily a travel specialist. The companies contact Groupon and make them an offer; Groupon then tells their audience of the local deal.

I was recently on a Facebook group for people traveling to Cancun for their vacation. A person asked about Omni Cancun Hotel & Villas, so I picked it as a random target to research.

I first went to the hotels website directly. I was surprised to see the rate they advertised on their website. It was $400+ per night.

So I opened the browser and checked with Expedia (both US and Mexico) – they were both more or less the same on Expedia US ($325 usd per night) & Expedia MX ($6815 mxn per night). Same room, same date, same package.

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The Real Deal

So I went to Groupon, the discount website. I was surprised to see it listed at $144USD per night for the same Deluxe Lagoon-View Room w/ Credit. They give a $50 resort credit per stay, valid toward spa services, appetizers and beverages not included under all-inclusive plan.

I checked other hotels in the area on both platforms and kept getting the same outcome: Groupon is cheaper. I was doubtful, then I read the reviews. Good reviews, noone mentioned a catch or a significant charge upon arrival.

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