Luxury mega yachts visit Cabo San Lucas


Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

Luxury mega yacht visits Cabo San Lucas bay

The Attessa IV vessel, which corresponds to the largest series of luxury megayachts in its category, visited this tourist port today. Although its flag of registry is the Cayman Islands, it is owned and operated by the United States. Among its relevant characteristics, it has a total length of 101 m., A beam of 12.84 m. and a draft of 4 meters, maximum capacity of 28 Passengers, onboard it has installed two main machines with bow correctors for better maneuverability, a heliport with a Eurocopter type aircraft, and it also has advanced telecommunications equipment for navigation safety and comfort of its Passengers. It was built in 1999 under the design of Phyllis Washington, who is the wife of the owner named Dennis Washington,   


The luxuries on board are avant-garde, just to mention a few there is a bar with fine finishes in the Gucci brand furniture, Jacuzzi on the upper deck with panoramic views, gym, study room with piano, cinema with surround stereo sound, cabins with marble finishes and gold accessories, and a business office with a videoconference room and sophisticated computer equipment. The value of this boat is 250 million dollars, and its guests are attended by a total of 21 crew members. It is currently anchored in the Bay of San Lucas and estimates to operate in this port for the course of a week, in which its owner and guests will enjoy the tourist attractions found in Los Cabos and the southern region of Baja California Sur.

Mega yachts visit Cabo San Lucas bay

One of the boats that caught the attention of visitors and residents of the Los Cabos
the municipality was the “Explorer”, a white ship with drawings of marine animals, such as
the shark, as well as two large radars on its main deck. This 67-meter-long boat was built
in 1981 and restored as a luxurious and sophisticated yacht in 2014, decorated by the
firm Joseph Artese Design.

If it is already a great surprise to have these 2 recognized luxury visits at sea, there are
also other yachts valued at several million dollars in the CSL bay, such as the “Miragio”
and the “Doro Book”, private boats with eccentricities as finishes. in fine woods and
powerful diesel engines that allow them to sail to any port in the world



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