Mazatlan train to Winnipeg will start by end of the year


The train that will go from Mazatlán to Winnipeg, Canada, could begin its construction at the end of this year in a first stage, in which one billion dollars will be invested, informed Javier Lizárraga Mercado.

The Secretary of Economic Development mentioned that the greatest challenge is to cross the Espinazo del Diablo, that is why they intend to start there and with the construction of a new port.

El espinazo del Diablo

“Right now what we need is to overcome the mountains, it is the heaviest and the most expensive, it is 87 kilometers, which will have an initial estimated budget of 600 million dollars, we are going to look for a railway that is competitive, it has to be double stowage, that is, double container so that it is competitive and we can compete in the same circumstances as ports such as San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Long Beach “, he declared.

Lizárraga Mercado pointed out that the project for the new USMCA corridor, formerly the northern economic corridor, intends to complete it in approximately 5 years, all due to private investment and its largest construction will be during 2021.

The construction of the new port, which will be the spearhead for the route to Canada, will have a capacity of 8 million containers, that is, more than 7 million containers more than the current port in Mazatlán, positioning it as the largest in Latin America.

In addition, with the total investment, said the state official, they intend to build new logistics centers and shipyards, both in Mazatlán and southern Sinaloa, as well as in Winnipeg, Canada.


The Mazatlan Post