Mazatlan Mayor Angry, orders closure of businesses not following covid protocols


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Due to recidivism in their actions by not complying with the measures of healthy distance between clients and staff, elements of the State Institute of Civil Protection in Sinaloa, proceeded to close two nightclubs in Mazatlán.

The measure occurs after verifying that the so-called “clubs” did not apply health protocols this weekend, the preventive health measures in order to prevent the spread and contagion of the Covid 19 virus, presenting various agglomerations.

Said violations of the Civil Protection Law of the State of Sinaloa would have occurred on October 31, when the so-called “Halloween or Witches Day” was celebrated.

The consulted source explained that active surveillance will be maintained in order to guarantee that the established sanitary guidelines are met.

Mazatlan Mayor angry at officials and businesses that did not observe the COVID-19 protocols

The Mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez, spoke about the result of the operations implemented over the weekend in Mazatlán.

He said that in a matter of the cemeteries everything was perfect, people paid attention,
not as in a matter of the Halloween operation that was imperfect.

“Before I left, I gathered the directors involved and told them:” If someone falls, they leave, “he commented.

“And then whoever failed will have to go,” he said.

For this, he added, the reports will be analyzed and in the case of photos, it will be investigated that they are current, not from other years.

Asked if people overflowed to the clubs, the Mayor of Mazatlan, acknowledged that there was a lot of tourism in Mazatlán and added: “I know that sometimes it is not easy, but the directors know their responsibility.

“They answer me” -he said- “The thing is, we fined several locals, but it was not a fine, it was closing down that should have happened!

“He who doubts cannot be here, we are a government of change, of putting order,” he reiterated.

That, he acknowledged, was what was missing, putting order, but fortunately not everywhere, he clarified, only in certain places that we are going to close now so that it does not happen again.

“I gave them the opportunity, the City made an effort to give them facilities, but if they don’t want to pull their weight, we will close them,” he said.


The Mazatlan Post