Durango returns to a red covid traffic light


When it became official that Chihuahua would become the first state to return to a red light, it was also said that there were three states at risk of doing so as well: Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Durango. Now it is totally official: the state governor, José Rosas Aispurosaid that due to the cases registered this Monday, November 2, the entity returns to the maximum state of alert.

” Durango faces the most difficult stage since the health emergency was decreed due to the appearance of COVID-19 in our country, ” said the governor.

Governor Rosas Aispuro

Restrictions in Durango

The increases are general, the same in positive cases, hospitalization, and deaths. That is why the decision is for the state to stay on a red light from Tuesday, November 3, and at least until Tuesday, November 17. During this period of time, the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited and non-essential activities will be closed. The parks and squares will be closed as well as the sports centers, massage centers, and gyms.

As for the hotels, they will be able to function only without common areas, and with a maximum of 25% hotel occupancy. Restaurants and cafeterias may continue to operate with a 25% capacity allowed and only offering take away food. Hairdressers, beauty salons, and barbershops will continue to operate, as well as markets and supermarkets that must have a maximum capacity of 50% and only one person per family will be allowed in.

Public transport will continue to operate with a capacity of 50% and with a circulation restriction from 10 PM to 5 AM; In taxis and individuals, there may only be three people per vehicle.

Meanwhile, the essential activities are those related to the automotive, mining, construction, forestry, energy, and health sectors.

The current official national traffic light, except for the modification in Durango, is the following:

1366 2000

Jalisco is in a similar situation, where last week an emergency protocol was activated to reduce cases, in the face of a rebound for which there was a historical maximum of cases. In that entity, however, no red traffic light has been decreed again.

Mexico City also reports an increase in cases whereby, if there is no change in the trend during the current week, new restrictions on activities will be decreed next Friday.

Source: xataka.com.mx, opinionbajio.mx

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