The case of the fairy that caused a furor in Guadalajara


It all happened on August 10, 2011 when local media reported that there was a real fairy in a home in the San José Río Verde neighborhood, in the city of Guadalajara, in Mexico .

A young man named José Maldonado claimed that days before he had captured what he discovered as a flashing flying object that moved between the branches of a guava tree.

As he told the local press, when he held it in his hands he realized that it was a fairy, that her foot was injured and that is why it stopped moving. He decided to put it in a jar with formaldehyde and put it on display in his home.

The alleged fairy was allegedly injured in her foot (Photo: Screenshot)

“It is abundance, it is joy, what I feel is something inexplicable, but what the fairies mean is that,” the young man told the state channel C7 and assured different media that it could be a message from his father, who had died ago

Anyone could enter the house to see the find after paying a recovery fee, most paid between 2 and 3 Mexican pesos, although there were those who gave more money. Those who disbursed that amount described that the fairy was very small, no more than 3 centimeters tall, had red boots and gloves, and long gathered hair.

“I looked like a fly with its wings, it still had shine, I admired myself and said ‘My God what is this’ and I grabbed my glasses and I saw it and even the tears came out, ” said one of the thousands of people who waited for hours to see the little being.

“Then God sends us things to see if we can make up ourselves,” said another woman while waiting her turn.

The “shiny object” had a foot injury (Photo: Screenshot)The “shiny object” had a foot injury (Photo: Screenshot)

Another one assured that it was not the first case and that more people had expressed having seen more fairies in a nearby ravine.

Even on the Twitter account @Hada_GDL, the supposed fairy described what her life was like inside the glass jar.

In addition to asking for voluntary cooperation, outside the house where the figure was exhibited there were sales of photos and videos , and some media even paid for exclusive interviews.

The fairy and the X Men

But, the disbelievers doubted the authenticity of the fairy and when they began to investigate they realized that the fairy was a plastic figure that was for sale in different street markets of the city and that it was actually a replica of the Pixie character (Megan Gwynn) from the X-Men .

Upon realizing the farce, thousands of people who days before had been moved by the figure came to José’s home to complain about the fraud , but he never came forward.

Given the situation, the State Attorney’s Office urged the population to file a complaint for the deception , but since the complaint only guaranteed that the money (their two or three pesos) would be returned to them, the people gave up doing it.

megan gwynn / pixie 💕 uncanny x-men 

– ً (@fembadass) August 30, 2017

The story did not end there, from then on the young man became known in his neighborhood as “Pepe ‘El Hada'” who was found dead at the end of September 2017 inside a grocery store in his neighborhood.

He was killed at least 10 shots to the head and so far the cause is unknown.


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